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Terms & Conditions for Seats Booking

Terms & Conditions

Travel conditions refer to the purchase of air tickets for persons over the age of 18.

The Airlines ticket  is personal and can not be transferred to another person. It is the responsibility of the traveler to check that the information in the booking is correct regarding the name, destination, date, price, etc. on the booking page / in the confirmation ticket, which is available after booking. It is also the traveler’s responsibility to check that the traffic records contain accurate information and notify within a reasonable period of time if the tickets have not arrived by mail or by e-mail. It is also the traveler’s duty to check that the passport is valid and if a visa is required for the current destination.

The Airline/s are responsible to their passengers according to the terms and conditions stated on the airline ticket. does not accept any liability for delays, lost luggage, canceled flights, etc. then this is the responsibility of the airline according to the rules on the ticket.

We reserve ourselves for possible price errors, incorrect prices from airlines, technical issues, data tables and changes outside of control. Should something be wrong, we will contact the ticket holder within 24 hours on weekdays.

Double bookings are not responsible, as airlines can cancel all locations.

Responsibility for travel’s execution only communicates airline tickets and is not responsible for any timetable changes, canceled flights, lost luggage or other events related to flight travel. Such events are solely responsible for the respective airlines, so any claims arising therefrom must be made directly to the airline.

Your responsibility

It is your / traveler’s responsibility to take advantage of the terms of reference prior to purchase

You are responsible for the information you provide SEATSBOOKING.COM is correct. For example, the name of the ticket matches your passport. You can be rejected at the check-in desk if the name in your passport and on your travel documents do not match exactly.

You are also responsible for the consequences and any additional costs that incorrect information may cause. Please read your travel documents carefully before departure and check that times, names, destinations etc are correct.

  • Read and accept the travel conditions prior to purchase.
  • Verify that all information is correct with regard to spelling of name and title, and that booked timetable is correct before the purchase is completed. By selecting payment options, you confirm the information provided.
  • When the purchase is completed, you will receive your ticket by e-mail within 24 hours. It is the customer’s responsibility to check that the number of ticket numbers matches the number of passengers. If your trip consists of two single tickets, each passenger must have a ticket number by road. If the ticket number is missing or there are any other uncertainties, will be contacted within three days.
  • Regularly observe the specified e-mail address, as all correspondence from us is via e-mail.
  • Continuously check flight times and any timetable changes for both home and away trips.
  • Check current check-in times for the entire trip.
  • Check with each airline from which airport terminal your departure is from.
  • Check visa rules for your final destination as well as for possible stopovers. You do this via the respective country’s embassy and the airlines you travel with.
  • Check passport rules and passport validity
  • Check which vaccinations are required prior to the trip.

Taxes and fees

In addition to the flight ticket, taxes and fees are often paid in most cases before departure from Sweden. However, there are certain fees that must be paid in cash before departure from foreign airports and therefore can not be paid from home. There may be changes in different countries during the trip.

flight times 

Flight times and numbers are preliminary. All flight schedules are specified in the local time applicable to the destination. This also applies to the times that accompany the confirmation. is not responsible for any timetable changes or other changes made by the airline companies as they are out of our control and are not always communicated to us.

Always check with the airline when you travel on your own and re-confirm your reservation at least 72 hours before departure.

Technical stopover
Driving direct flights can mean that the airplane goes down the road, for example, to refuel. We mark this stopover at the customer’s confirmation as “Technical Landing”.
In the case of a technical stopover, it is the responsibility of the customer to check where it occurs and if there are special visa requirements.

Travel documents

Tickets and other travel documents will be sent to you only by prior arrangement. Please check that the tickets are in accordance with your reservation and that your name is spelled correctly, that is the match (see above). If something fails you should contact us as soon as possible!

First Name: Enter the first first name of the passport, even if this is not a custom name.

Surname: Enter all surnames according to the passport.

Nickname or initials are not accepted.

If several passengers have identical first and last names (eg father and son), a second first name must also be entered in order to distinguish both of them.

In the case of marriage, the name of the booking must be in accordance with the information in the passport that will be used during the trip.

Please note that the reservation system will remove all spaces and punctuation marks between names. The island and island are changed according to the international alphabet to -> aa, island and island -> oe.

NOTE! If you travel on an electronic ticket, you are writing an E-ticket receipt from the link has mailed to you.

When selecting paper tickets, even though electronic tickets are possible, a fee of 300 SEK will be added. This fee is not refundable upon cancellation.

Cancellation & Rebooking 

We must comply with airlines’ cancellation and refund rules for airline tickets. As a rule, economy class flights are not refundable, while flexible business class tickets are. The same goes for rebooking, which is usually not done on an economy class ticket while fully on a business class ticket.

In order to avoid losing big money for illness or the like, we recommend that you purchase a cancellation insurance in connection with your travel.

We use Solid Reseskydd AB ( ) or Gouda Travel Insurance ( ). Their full terms of insurance can be found on their respective websites or in their brochures. If you cancel a trip with cancellation insurance, contact the insurance company for repayment. A refund of 1000 kr is non-refundable upon cancellation.

If date change / rebooking   or modified without cancellation policy, a fee of 750 kr per ticket will be charged plus the airline fee for date change  /rebooking per person.

In case of rebooking after departure, the relevant airline is contacted locally at the destination.

Transfer or name change is not possible. In case of misspelled names, the airline may charge a service charge, which in some cases amounts to the full fare.

When determining the price of the trip (applies only to airline tickets, hotel reservations and travel packages only) the travel price does not include what the traveler has paid for cancellation insurance. Cancellation cancellation is subject to change according to the terms of the invoice. However, the registration fee / deposit is non refundable.

The passenger will cancel the trip as soon as possible after cancellation has occurred. The reason for the cancellation must be reliably confirmed by medical and / or family certificate to be submitted immediately.

After cancellation, the amount due by the traveler must be refunded without delay, but no later than 14 days after the cancellation.

Cancellation / Cancellation
When payment / selection of invoice or partial payment is made and the ticket is issued, the airline’s cancellation / cancellation rules apply. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform you about the rules that apply to the ticket before completing the purchase. This can be done by contacting customer service at or calling +46 8771 8 222.

In case the airline allows for a rebook, 750 SEK / ticket in handling fee in addition to the airline’s cancellation fee.

All rebookings are made via mail , by providing all details.

Cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours prior to departure on either original booking or rebooking, whichever comes first. The rebooking is not completed until the cancellation fee has been paid and has sent a new ticket.

In cases where the airline gives a refund on a canceled ticket, it is always at a cost. In addition to the airline cancellation fee, Seatsbooking.con takes 1500 SEK / ticket. Flights taxes and consumption charges such as cancellation insurance, bankruptcy and service charge are not refundable. Refunds are made from the airlines and the handling time is 5-12 weeks.

Cancellation must be made no later than 24 hours before departure on the original booking. The trip is considered canceled only when Orient Tours confirmed the cancellation.

Reservation number must be entered in the event of cancellation or cancellation, this is to protect you as a customer so that no unauthorized person will gain access to your trip.

For cancellation or cancellation outside opening hours, please contact the airline directly. never repays partially used ticket.
Flight taxes are never refunded upon cancellation.

special baggage

Unfortunately, we can not handle requests regarding reservation of special luggage, eg. windsurfing boards, weapons, bikes etc. In these cases, we recommend that you make the entire flight booking directly with the airline. Lost / damaged baggage: If you purchased a flight ticket, the airline you are traveling with will replace you under the aviation law if you lost or if you have lost a luggage. Any errors must be addressed immediately at the airport to the airline representative or airport luggage handling.

Solitary children and pets

We can not handle routines around lonely children but advise you to contact the airline directly for the entire booking.

Traveling with children

It is important that the correct age is stated on all children accompanying the trip. Their age will be checked by the airline. Please note that it is the children’s age at the date of residence. If the child is two years old, the child will be booked for more than two years. The same applies if the traveler is 12 years old during the trip. This should then be booked as an adult.

Children over two years must have their own chair.

It is the responsibility of the traveler / client to check whether special certificates are required for persons under the age of 18 who travel without a goalkeeper.


Infants must NOT fill 2 years during the trip, then child ticket (2-11 years) need to be purchased. Children who are not two years old  can be booked as an infant. This means that the child has no own seat but is allowed to sit in the adult’s knee. Note that this applies to the entire trip, ie. The child may not have completed two years before the trip has ended. If the child is two years old during the trip, a child ticket must be booked for the entire trip. Orient Tours does not compensate for any costs that may arise in connection with the wrong type of ticket booked from the start. We can not guarantee the wishes of baby food and baby wagon on the flight as airlines can enter and make changes afterwards.

Technical problems
Orient reserves the right to any technical issues, data tables, price errors and changes made by airlines outside our control. For example, airlines may display unavailable locations, timetable changes, or incorrect rates caused by data tables. We reserve the right to contact you within 24 hours of any changes made to your reservation. If the problem occurs during or during a weekend, we will contact you next weekday.

Right of withdrawal
The right of withdrawal does not apply to transport under the distance contract law. 
Nor do we have a 24-hour rule that we can apply to our bookings. Once the payment is completed and the ticket is issued, we do not have the opportunity to change the ticket but must follow the cancellation / cancellation policy from the airlines.

Double booking
It is the traveler’s responsibility to ensure that any double bookings are canceled no matter where they are made. The traveler may otherwise risk that the airline will cancel the double booking without notice. is not responsible for the cancellation or cancellation of airlines in connection with this.

It is the individual airport and / or airline that determines how far before departure as check-in must have been. The increased security check in all airports around the world has meant that these times are now much longer than before. Therefore, be aware of when check-in is due for your trip.

Many airlines offer the service to check in online fr. about 22 hours before departure via their website. You usually need the airline booking number and / or ticket number found on the link that we have sent in the booking confirmation.

Cancellation of a hotel reservation earlier than three days prior to check-in costs 500 SEK. If canceled later than 3 days before check in, the cost of the first night will be SEK 500 +. No refund will be made retroactively on unused hotel tickets, this must be done before departure from Sweden. Some hotels are subject to stricter cancellation policy and for group bookings, separate cancellation policies apply.


Current car rental companies are responsible for booked car rental arrangements. The current terms and conditions for the car rental are stated on the car rental website. The terms and conditions of the car rental company must be taken into account before the on-site signature. In case of any problems during the rental period, the responsible car company must be contacted immediately. Any complaint is handled by the responsible car company.


If you are not satisfied with anything regarding the booking, please contact staff within a reasonable time. This will allow us to fix any errors as soon as possible.

Any problems or remarks regarding the implementation of the air travel are conducted directly to the airline.

Have a pleasant Journey!

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