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About Us

Orient Tours has extensive knowledge in the travel industry and has for many years organized different types of travel, ranging from business travel, conference trips and study trips to sports and exercise trips for individuals as well as groups. We create customized travel packages for all purposes and features for inspirational places throughout our wonderful Earth - including Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and India etc. Our trips are fully focused on your interests and schedules. They are unique experiences, as unique as you are. 
Orient Tours is not only dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable and lifelong journey, our care for you extends to the utmost to give you pleasure and make you feel well cared for throughout the trip. If you travel with us, you must feel safe in every way. In each country, we have staff, contacts that are always available to accommodate your further wishes and needs. From the moment you contact us, until you return home, Orient Tours guarantees that your trip is frictional, authentic and better than you imagined. 

5 good reasons to travel with Orient Tours:

  1. 46 years of travel experience: 
    The company was founded in 1971. Every year we have taken another step forward to serve our customers even better.
  2. Personalized targeted service:
    By taking part in your interests, we can create a tailor made travel plan that meets your needs. We create a trip around your interests or wishes. It may be cooking, yoga, archeology, bird watching or other activities. These activities can also be included as part of a longer trip.
  3. Large network of contacts worldwide with people in place:
    Orient Tours's extensive global network, consisting of on-the-spot expertise, allows us to arrange a trip that you have dreamed of. The knowledge of all our contacts, our own and many years of experience, give us unique opportunities to offer a fantastic, adventure-filled journey that will remind you of your entire life. Together we get you to experience the world, not just considering it.
  4. Local knowledge with precision:
    Each travel proposal we make is based on our own experiences and experiences; therefore, we continue to travel around the world to make sure our recommendations are what we promised.
  5. Confidence and security:
    Orient Tours trips are carefree. We have knowledgeable staff in every country that always works in the hidden place, just because you can focus on just enjoying your trip. Wherever you travel, these staff work with us around the clock. We look forward to ensuring your safety and comfort. Encountering any problem or just wondering about something, we are there immediately to help you.
The following are the main areas of our service:
  • Travel Service
  • Flight reservation
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccination
  • travel Goods
  • Hotel and motel service worldwide
  • Car
  • Taxi and limousine service 
  • VIP, business and charter service
  • Safari and Ecotourism
  • Incoming
  • Business Customers
  • PR
  • MICE
  • meetings
  • Our service time is 24/7
Orient Tours
Rådmansgatan 33
SE113 58 Stockholm
Tel: +46 (0) 8 771 82 22 
Organization Number : SE559044-569701
(Airbone Travels AB)